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Growing up I’m told I never said just “birthday.” I always said “happy birthday” as if it was one word. When is your happy birthday? And I always had at least two birthday celebrations, often three. I had a summer birthday so we were often on vacation. That meant I’d often get a birthday celebration with my grandmother and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins while in Texas, a celebration on the day with my parents and brother wherever we were that day, and then a party with my friends back at home. It continued all the way through high school – those four years it was a pool party at the Sander’s house. Birthdays were a big deal for me – until college. Don’t remember what happened most of my college years, but do remember my 21st birthday. Just home from Europe, I found myself at a fundraising spaghetti supper eating chocolate sheet cake – no candle, no singing. Only I knew it was my birthday cake that year. Pretty anticlimactic for the “happy birthday” girl. After that, it was somewhat run of the mill until my 40th.  Jeff threw a BIG surprise party for me. I knew there was a party but I thought it was a church party and had no idea it was for my birthday complete with an aunt, uncle, cousins (adopted family) and my birthmom (2nd meeting) and a sister I hadn’t met until that night!  I was blown away!

A few years later, I started collecting décor and such and planning (in my mind at least) my 50th birthday party. It was to have a 50’s theme since I was born in 56 and hope to someday have a 50’s diner theme kitchen.  The year of my 50th birthday came and my partner at the time wound up in the hospital for two and a half months
(including brain surgery.) My birthday got overlooked that year. I decided I’d  do the 50’s theme for my 55th birthday. Right before my 54th birthday, I took a cruise with my 4 sisters. As it was the first time we’d all
been together other than their father’s memorial, we celebrated all our birthdays on the cruise with gifts and even a piece of cake with a candle that we passed around to all of us. Back home, De threw a birthday party for me, but
I was still saving the 50’s theme for the next year.

Last month, my 55th birthday was approaching. I was single again and having a party at my duplex was out of the question. My daughter and grandson took me out to lunch the day before my birthday, and a friend took me to Norma’s Diner for lunch that day – Norma’s has a 50’s theme and started in ’56 just like me! That night I was backstage at the Campus Theatre helping out with “Bye, Bye Birdie” getting birthday wishes from all the cast and crew.  It was perfect. I love the theatre, especially musicals. I was joking about how my favorite thing to get for my birthday was theatre tickets, and as I was single, I not only didn’t have anyone to take me to the theatre, I didn’t have anyone to share my season tickets with – so being backstage (and giving my season tickets to friends) was perfect. And it even had a 50’s theme complete with poodle skirts, bobbie socks and ponytails. My 55th birthday turned out wonderful. I might still throw a 50’s theme party for my 56th (born in 56, turning 56) depending on what’s going on with my life next August, but then again, I might just wait till I finally get my 50’s diner theme kitchen and then just throw a party to celebrate the kitchen, whenever it happens.


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