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Knowing your music(ians)   Leave a comment

An advantage to going to my church’s general conference as well as concerts at the local congregations, is that on the “Christian” playlist on my mp3, I have met all the musicians on it. Several are my “friends”  on facebook as well. I can only say that about one of the artists on my pop/jazz playlist. She’s on my Christian playlist as well. She wasn’t at general conference, but her spouse was and I’ve been to their home twice since general conference. It means so much more when I listen to the playlist knowing that I’ve seen many of the songs performed live and chatted with the artists. Besides the beautiful spiritual messages of the songs, there’s also a message of friendship coming through. This isn’t just a good song, it’s the familiar voice of a friend. I went crazy buying cd’s at general conference, but don’t regret one dollar spent. I love my Christian playlist and all the friends and memories it represents.

Update: Someone I used to work with has recorded some gospel songs that are available on iTunes, looks like I need to add his songs. Went to a concert tonight that was a great mix of gospel, Christian music, but they haven’t put out a cd yet. Will have to wait to add them.


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Hello world!   Leave a comment

I went to a Social Media for Business Workshop back in September, and saw blogging in my future. I was a photo-journalism major in college way back when, so I shouldn’t be scared about blogging, but…. It is a bit scary. Wasn’t sure where to start and then today I composed my first entry while riding my bike. Came home and wrote it down quickly, and now, my blog is born.

I was out biking today. I was feeling good about myself. A little past the half way mark, I’m pedaling slow on a slight incline. Telling myself that slow pedaling is better than walking the bike – so I’m doing good. See a jogger on the cross street ahead. As I turn and it levels out I pass the jogger quickly. Alright! Then my walkman starts playing “Tuesday Morning” by Melissa Etheridge. It’s about one of the men on the flight that went down in Philadelphia. I’m hit with a feeling of insignificance. But is doing something to make myself a better person insignificant? We aren’t offered many chances to make a major difference in the world. We just have to do our best and see the chances that come along. I didn’t really enjoy working clerical 8-5, but I was doing something that had to be done. I was missed when I wasn’t there. Now I’m trying to make it as a photographer. But I haven’t made my mark. I enjoy taking portraits, working events, and taking the rehearsal pictures at Denton Community Theatre, but I don’t stand out yet. I need to be distinctive. I need to stand out. I need to make a mark.

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