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Growing up I’m told I never said just “birthday.” I always said “happy birthday” as if it was one word. When is your happy birthday? And I always had at least two birthday celebrations, often three. I had a summer birthday so we were often on vacation. That meant I’d often get a birthday celebration with my grandmother and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins while in Texas, a celebration on the day with my parents and brother wherever we were that day, and then a party with my friends back at home. It continued all the way through high school – those four years it was a pool party at the Sander’s house. Birthdays were a big deal for me – until college. Don’t remember what happened most of my college years, but do remember my 21st birthday. Just home from Europe, I found myself at a fundraising spaghetti supper eating chocolate sheet cake – no candle, no singing. Only I knew it was my birthday cake that year. Pretty anticlimactic for the “happy birthday” girl. After that, it was somewhat run of the mill until my 40th.  Jeff threw a BIG surprise party for me. I knew there was a party but I thought it was a church party and had no idea it was for my birthday complete with an aunt, uncle, cousins (adopted family) and my birthmom (2nd meeting) and a sister I hadn’t met until that night!  I was blown away!

A few years later, I started collecting décor and such and planning (in my mind at least) my 50th birthday party. It was to have a 50’s theme since I was born in 56 and hope to someday have a 50’s diner theme kitchen.  The year of my 50th birthday came and my partner at the time wound up in the hospital for two and a half months
(including brain surgery.) My birthday got overlooked that year. I decided I’d  do the 50’s theme for my 55th birthday. Right before my 54th birthday, I took a cruise with my 4 sisters. As it was the first time we’d all
been together other than their father’s memorial, we celebrated all our birthdays on the cruise with gifts and even a piece of cake with a candle that we passed around to all of us. Back home, De threw a birthday party for me, but
I was still saving the 50’s theme for the next year.

Last month, my 55th birthday was approaching. I was single again and having a party at my duplex was out of the question. My daughter and grandson took me out to lunch the day before my birthday, and a friend took me to Norma’s Diner for lunch that day – Norma’s has a 50’s theme and started in ’56 just like me! That night I was backstage at the Campus Theatre helping out with “Bye, Bye Birdie” getting birthday wishes from all the cast and crew.  It was perfect. I love the theatre, especially musicals. I was joking about how my favorite thing to get for my birthday was theatre tickets, and as I was single, I not only didn’t have anyone to take me to the theatre, I didn’t have anyone to share my season tickets with – so being backstage (and giving my season tickets to friends) was perfect. And it even had a 50’s theme complete with poodle skirts, bobbie socks and ponytails. My 55th birthday turned out wonderful. I might still throw a 50’s theme party for my 56th (born in 56, turning 56) depending on what’s going on with my life next August, but then again, I might just wait till I finally get my 50’s diner theme kitchen and then just throw a party to celebrate the kitchen, whenever it happens.


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Sometimes I think I should have named my blog “As the Wheel Spins” instead of “Through a lens” because I tend to think about it more when I’m on my bike than taking pictures. Makes sense, that I’d think about blogging more when pedaling around the neighborhood, than when framing a shot. And that I tend to focus on music, because I listen as I ride. I started with the playlist I’d put together for water aerobics last summer, but it didn’t work quite right for pedaling, so I made a new playlist and I’ve tweaked it a few times. I didn’t consciously start out to borrow from my “breakup” playlist, but I understand why I have so many songs from it and no love songs.  Almost 2 years ago, right after a breakup, I went out to mow the lawn with my music playing.  Every song that came up was a love song. I skipped ahead about 4 times and finally turned the music off. That meant I stewed over the breakup the whole time I mowed the lawn. Finished, went in and called a friend and vented big time. So, when I was putting together a biking playlist, in the back of my mind, I was wanting to make sure that didn’t happen again. I wanted a playlist that worked for now, but would also keep me going if I decided to go for a bike ride after a breakup (not that I’m anticipating one.)

My biking playlist is picked for tempo, upbeat songs that will keep me going. It started out mostly Melissa Etheridge and borrowed heavily from the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. Now, it only has two songs from Charlie’s Angels, still lots of Melissa, and other favorites. It starts and ends with Heart songs, first Barracuda (from Charlie’s Angels) and finally Walk Like An Egyptian – altho’ the version I have on my iTunes is by The Puppini Sisters. Even tho’ I’m pedaling, I put I Run For Life on it because it seemed appropriate. After all, my bike is pink. I was thinking that the song was used in the episode of  “The L Word” when they went on the bike ride for breast cancer, but after researching it, I discovered the song wasn’t used. Oh well, I still like the song.  The other Melissa songs are Fearless Love, Broken Heart Sun, Piece of my Heart (told you it had breakup songs) and Secret Agent. The other song from C’sA is Independent Women, Pt. 1. Mustang Sally seemed good, especially the chorus “All you wanna do is ride around Sally (Ride Sally ride)” It really keeps me going. And since my bike is pink, what else would follow Mustang Sally, than Pink Cadillac? Throw in It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (Puppini Sisters again) and I’m Gonna Live Till I Die by Queen Latifah and I’ve got a good 48 minute ride. Works for me!

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An advantage to going to my church’s general conference as well as concerts at the local congregations, is that on the “Christian” playlist on my mp3, I have met all the musicians on it. Several are my “friends”  on facebook as well. I can only say that about one of the artists on my pop/jazz playlist. She’s on my Christian playlist as well. She wasn’t at general conference, but her spouse was and I’ve been to their home twice since general conference. It means so much more when I listen to the playlist knowing that I’ve seen many of the songs performed live and chatted with the artists. Besides the beautiful spiritual messages of the songs, there’s also a message of friendship coming through. This isn’t just a good song, it’s the familiar voice of a friend. I went crazy buying cd’s at general conference, but don’t regret one dollar spent. I love my Christian playlist and all the friends and memories it represents.

Update: Someone I used to work with has recorded some gospel songs that are available on iTunes, looks like I need to add his songs. Went to a concert tonight that was a great mix of gospel, Christian music, but they haven’t put out a cd yet. Will have to wait to add them.

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I went to a Social Media for Business Workshop back in September, and saw blogging in my future. I was a photo-journalism major in college way back when, so I shouldn’t be scared about blogging, but…. It is a bit scary. Wasn’t sure where to start and then today I composed my first entry while riding my bike. Came home and wrote it down quickly, and now, my blog is born.

I was out biking today. I was feeling good about myself. A little past the half way mark, I’m pedaling slow on a slight incline. Telling myself that slow pedaling is better than walking the bike – so I’m doing good. See a jogger on the cross street ahead. As I turn and it levels out I pass the jogger quickly. Alright! Then my walkman starts playing “Tuesday Morning” by Melissa Etheridge. It’s about one of the men on the flight that went down in Philadelphia. I’m hit with a feeling of insignificance. But is doing something to make myself a better person insignificant? We aren’t offered many chances to make a major difference in the world. We just have to do our best and see the chances that come along. I didn’t really enjoy working clerical 8-5, but I was doing something that had to be done. I was missed when I wasn’t there. Now I’m trying to make it as a photographer. But I haven’t made my mark. I enjoy taking portraits, working events, and taking the rehearsal pictures at Denton Community Theatre, but I don’t stand out yet. I need to be distinctive. I need to stand out. I need to make a mark.

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